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250 Positive Birth Stories


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We are surrounded by a society which seems to enjoy inflicting us with their scary birth stories. 

I have created this part of my website to give you a place to read POSITIVE, encouraging, uplifting birth stories.  The majority of the stories are of moms using hypnosis, most of them using Hypnobabies during their births.  If you enjoy birth stories, sign up for my newsletter, each one will include a positive birth story!

I have divided the stories into 5 categories, all are worthy of reading, but if you want you can choose to limit yourself to the types of birth stories you want to read.   

Enjoyable Births  (these births have only pressure, no discomfort mentioned)

Comfortable Births (these births have manageable discomfort mentioned)

Unique (brief description of each situation) 

VBAC Birth Stories - I have compiled all of the VBAC stories onto one page.

Induction Stories - Moms whose births were induced.

Cesarean Births - Moms who had either planned or surprise cesareans

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