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Earth Mama Angel Baby - Angel Baby 

I have bought quite a few different products from Earth Mama Angel Baby and have loved them all. 

Here are my the ones I have personally used.  Again, I have liked EVERYTHING from there, so I would be willing to try them all...

Natural Nipple Butter - I got the typical lanolin for my breasts before I had Bryson.  I hated the stickiness of it and it stains clothes.  I was so excited to find this Nipple Butter, it is so smooth and wonderful.  Just no comparison between the two. 

I had a 3rd degree tear with Bryson and had a long recovery, when I called the OB to ask for help, they had no good ideas.  Then I found New Mama Bottom Spray and it really helped me feel better quicker.  I only wish I had found it sooner.

Bryson has very sensitive skin.  I love their Baby Body and Hair Wash, it comes out foamy so easier to soap the baby up with. 

The Baby Lotion.  Bryson's skin loves it too. When I ran out of some of the lotion I tried Aveeno Baby lotion... BAD IDEA, Bryson broke out in a horrible rash.   I felt so bad, I went back to the natural product that he knew and loved.  It smells so good too.  Scroll to the bottom for a coupon for free sample when you spend $25.


Guided Meditation/Hypnosis

I used Hypnobabies, which I think is the BEST hypnosis for childbirth program out there, for Bryson's birth and it was amazing.  I really am amazed at the power of our mind.  I also liked Hypnobabies supplemental CD's too.  You can get the Hypnobabies Home Study Course for Expectant Mothers Plus 2 Bonus Cds at Amazon now.  This is a complete childbirth education set, read more about it here

Hypnosis for an Easy Pregnancy CD Set is another great set available on Amazon.  This set includes the Eliminate Nausea CD, Peaceful Sleep for Pregnant moms and the Affirmations!  A great set to get your pregnancy off to a great start!

Hypnobabies also has a Comfort and Calm for the New Mother Set

When I saw that Earth Mama Angel Baby had guided mediation I wanted to try those too so I tried some of the post-partum Guided Relaxation CDs after I had Bryson.  I loved them ALL.   Here are the ones that I used and my thoughts on them.

More Mama's Milk - I struggled with milk supply issues and I loved this CD, it helped me know what to visualize when I felt my milk was low.  It also has 2 extra breastfeeding tracks which were just beautiful to listen to. 

New Mama Weight Loss - I struggled to loose weight after my second son was born, so I was excited to find this CD after I had Bryson.  It was so positive and really helped me to appreciate all that my body had done during the pregnancy and be patient and positive while it let go of the extra weight it no longer needed.  I did lose weight much faster this time, which was nice. 

Earth Mama Postpartum Sleep - I loved this CD.  I love that it has 3 tracks to it, though I wish they were in a different order.  I wish the sleep one was last, because when I fell asleep, the next track would start and wake me up.... I put them on my MP3 to solve that problem.  I still listen to this sometimes when I can't fall asleep at night.  I love the energy boost track and will put that on during the day if I am exhausted and find it picks me right back up. 

Children's Nighty Night and Nap CD - My boys sometimes struggle to fall asleep at night.  I then pop on this CD and they usually drift right off.  It is extremely positive, Carson calls it the "Thank you for my body CD"  It also has 3 tracks and it is frustrating the order they put it in.... the boys drift off and I have to make sure I go and turn it off, or else it starts the next track, I wish they put the night time one last.

Visit Earth Mama Angel Baby to see all of their other wonderful products!

My Reviews on the additional Hypnobabies CDs

I have already mentioned that I think Hypnobabies is the most complete and best hypnosis for childbirth program available.  If you don't have an instructor in your area, the Hypnobabies Home Study course is a great option!

Here is my review of the extra CDs that I have listened to.  (These CDs are not included in the Home Study and can all be used even if you are not doing the complete course, though you won't get the full benefit of the class!)

Many of these CDs are now available as MP3s you can instantly download!

Birth Partner be Calm and Confident:  This is for the birth partners.  My DH listened to it a few times.  I think it helped him, they get to create a special word that will help them feel calm and confident during the birth.  The Dads in my class who listen to it, really enjoy it.  I listen to it when I have a birth doula client expecting!

Visualize Your Hypnobabies Birth:  I found this invaluable in walking me through visualizing my birth.  It takes you step by step from early birthing time, to pushing to the baby being in your arms!  (If you are a VBAC mom, don't get this CD you will want the VBAC one, which has a specific VBAC visualization)

Baby Stay In:  I had Preterm Labor with my first 2 pregnancies and LOVED this CD, I really feel like it helped me avoid bedrest this time!  :) Whenever I started having more than 4 contractions an hour, I would drink a bunch of water, lay down and listen to the CD.   Great keep your cervix closed suggestions and it really worked.  I know of at least 3 other moms who it worked great for! 

Breastfeeding Success:  I wish I had gotten this one sooner.   I got it when Bryson was a few months old and suddenly was refusing to nurse on one side.  I was getting very frustrated by the situation.  I got the CD and immediately after listening felt much more relaxed about things and quickly our situation resolved itself.  I think it is also wonderful to have a familiar voice to hear as you transition to parenthood.  An easy way to get a "nap" in during the day or fall asleep at night.  So many Hypnobabies moms miss having CDs to listen to, so this and the After the Baby Comes CD are so great for that! 

I have also listened and enjoyed these.... I will come back and add reviews soon. 

Come Out Baby:

Peaceful Sleep Now:

Turn Your Breech Baby:

After Your Baby Comes:

Affirmations: (IS included in Hypnobabies Class and Home Study)

VBAC Success:

Earth Mama Angel Baby