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The Belly Lift from the book, Back Labor No More, was designed to help
turn posterior babies and aid in the descent of anterior ones. It has
also been used by women to get their Birthing Time going, and help it

When you have a pressure wave, standing up, you place your hands together around the
underside of your belly under where your baby's bottom is, (there's a
bump) and lift up, tilting your pelvis forward as you do (like a
standing  pelvic rock) . What actually happens is the baby's bottom
goes up, the trajectory of the baby changes, and the head goes
straight down into the pelvis, instead of at an angle towards the
spine. The book, "Back Labor No More" explains it and shows pictures
that demonstrate it a bit better. It really works to help the baby
*not* be shoved into your backbone, and be able to turn while it is
going down. It also helps anterior babies to go straight down. Some
women do this with their birthing warm-up surges and it helps them to
turn their babies ahead of time. Others do it in more active labor and
it works so nicely. If you are doing it in active labor, you are to
make sure that you are at the place where your baby will be born, as
it seems to facilitate birth very quickly in some women.

Babies are not straight up and down, they are at an angle in the body.
Try to imagine an anterior baby; one that is in the best position for
birth, head down and facing your back. The baby's head is down deep in
your body with its head near your spine and its bottom is actually
not*up* near your diaphragm like we usually think of it, it is really
just above your belly button, and the baby is curled forward in  a
ball most of the time. The trajectory of the baby is right, but even
lifting up on the bottom a little bit will help the baby's head go
straight down onto the cervix, which helps an anterior baby descend

When a baby is posterior, it is turned around and facing your front,
and the legs, arms etc are all out front, so technically, if you lift
up on your "bump", (what there is of it) it's really the baby's knees!
If you could see the altered angle at which a posterior baby lies; all
out in front, you'd see the wisdom in doing belly lifts, since the
posterior baby is at an angle that needs much more of a correction to
go straight down on the cervix, and that's why some posterior labors
(but not all) are much longer and more difficult. To do this
correction ourselves, we pull up on the baby's "bottom", (knees) and
the head goes straight down now, onto the cervix. It can also help
baby to turn.

As always, the above is not to be taken as medical advice!