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Birth Videos

The Beauty of YouTube, is how easy it is to share videos today!!

I actually have a YouTube Channel if you want to see more, you can scroll through the box below or go directly to YouTube.

3 New Videos just added below my You Tube Channel section:

Tanya - Hypnobabies Home Birth

2 Moms doing Mother Directed Pushing in a Hospital Setting

Nervous About Birth?


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Tanya's Birth Video Homebirth with Hypnobabies

Mother Directed Pushing in a Hospital Setting


Nervous about Your Birth?


Bryson's Birth Video


This is my birth of my 3rd son and what inspired me to create this site! 


Singing Hypnobabies Mom!

You can read her story here


Dateline Video about Hypnosis and Childbirth



Hypnobabies Homebirth of Willem


Hypnobabies Birthing Wave



Unassisted Homebirth of baby Mielle

Another birth video from a Hypnobabies Mom....

Her comments "Two days of waiting around edited down to just over four minutes (of
waiting around). No screaming, no yelling, no blood, no guts. This may
be the most boring birth video ever. Thank you, Hypnobabies. :-)"

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