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Moms experienced only pressure, no discomfort.

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Newest birth stories being added at the Hypnobabies Blog!

Victor's Birth - Hospital, 5th baby.  "Amazingly, the eyes-open technique which I had been unsure would be effective--only because I didnít feel deeply hypnotized during my practice sessions--really worked...although, my eyes were closed. :-) I could hear everyone in the room, I was aware of what was going on, I could change positions, yet I was so concentrated on opening my body during PWs. In between PWs, even at 8 cm and with the waves coming on fast, I actually felt myself nod off to sleep!"

Jacob's Birth - Hospital birth, mom uses belly lift to help with back labor.  Link to video on you tube of mom doing belly lift. 

Vanessa's Birth - Hospital birth with midwives.  Mom didn't like deepening while pregnant, but loved it during birth! 

Niobe's Birth - Breech Homebirth surrounded by mothers (Dad was away on business!)

Temple's Singing Birth - homebirth with video of mom singing through her pressure waves!

Twins Kylie and Peyton - Wonderful Vaginal Birth of Twins!  :)



Reese's Birth - Completely comfortable hospital birth.  2nd baby.   Water breaks and birthing time begins soon after.  She goes from 4 cm to baby in arms in about 25 minutes! " I was completely calm and relaxed during the entire 14 hour labor. I read all of these stories on this group about p***less birth and thought that must be nice, I am just hoping to be able to develop some tools to help me cope. I ended up with a p*** free amazing hospital birth, more than I could have ever asked for. It is a store I have been sharing with anyone who will listen. Your mind and Hypnobabies are amazing tools!"

Jacob's Birth - Mom had previous natural births, this was her first with Hypnobabies.  She contacted hospital administration before hand to get special permission for extra people in her room.  This helped things go more smoothly during her fast birth.  Baby born in the caul (water never broke) 

Chase's Birth - Birth Center, fast birth.  "It was just amazing and I feel like it was a healing event for me. I will totally use Hypnobabies for any other children we have and I love sharing my story with other ladies who are in disbelief that you can have a pain- free childbirth. Thank you ladies for your support and thanks Kerry for creating Hypnobabies!"

Mauro's Birth - Mom in Argentina used Hypnobabies to help her have a great birth after years of secondary infertility.  The Turn your Breech Baby Now CD helped the baby turn 2 times!  Mom says, "I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to use self hypnosis for Mauro's birth. Not only did it allow me to have the kind of birth I wanted for him and for me, but it also taught me the incredible power of the mind and the value of deep relaxation. I hope to be able to continue to use those lessons throughout the rest of my life."

Max's Birth - Planned homebirth, but ends up a hospital birth because of pre-eclampsia.  Mom uses her Hypnobabies and has a wonderful birth... her 7th baby! 

Juliana's Birth - Birth Center Birth.  Fast, easy birth!  Mom says, "the birth was wonderful!"

Seth Thomas' Birth - Beautiful Hospital birth "It was a glorious birth and my nurse couldn't stop talking about it. She got the nurse manager for L&D so excited about it that she came to visit me the next day. I showed her all the Hypnobabies materials and we talked about the program and my birth for quite some time. She encouraged me to consider becoming an instructor and asked if I would be willing to talk about my experience with their new natural childbirth class. I was so pleased that they were as receptive to Hypnobabies as they were. It was such a great way to end my wonderful birth experience. I feel like I made a real impact and that I can help others learn what childbirth can be."

Jonah's Birth - Must read for every mom who sleeps through her CDs and is worried about it!  This mom slept through EVERY CD she listened to and still had a great birth.  Mom had a lot of prodromal labor (early birthing time).   Water, homebirth with midwife and doula. 

Michael's Birth - 3rd baby, hospital birth.  "The whole experience was amazing. Thank you Hypnobabies for all the practice in relaxation and staying focused! I donít think I could have done it without all the great resources and Kerryís soft soothing voice in the background helping me stay in hypnosis during the birthing time."

Claire's Birth - Mom pushed over 4 hours staying calm and comfortable.  Great birth!

Henry James' Birth Story - Slow and steady birth... lots of prodromal labor (early birthing time), but mom stayed calm and focused and comfortable!

Noah's Birth - 3rd baby.  Mom would just use center switch during practicing and found it to work well during the birth.  Comfortable easy birth.   

Jake's Birth - Jennifer had a comfortable birthing using HypnoBirthing and with her second baby decided to try Hypnobabies.  You can read her comparison and her lovely birth story here.  She was also confronted with the Big Baby Scare tactic by her OB who wanted her to have a cesarean.  She trusted her body and had a wonderful Vaginal birth to a nice size baby boy!  :)

Sam's Birth - 3rd hypno-baby for this mom.  "After my third birth, I have to say that the whole process amazes me more each time.  I was so wonderfully aware of everything that was going on-- never fearful, only amazed.  It was so incredible to think that Sam was helping me out in this whole experience-- I'd have the surge, and she'd kick her way down and out.  I was telling my husband afterwards that it's kind of sad that many women think that this is all a medical condition or procedure, and that they don't experience it like hypno-mommies do."

Malcolm's Birth Story - 2nd Baby, hospital.  "I really couldn't have asked for a better birthing experience (well, other than to have delivered at home or at a birth center, but that wasn't really an option for me).  Brian was such a fantastic coach and all the months of home study really paid off - labor really was an enjoyable experience and of course the 'prize' at the end is amazing. Hypnobabies rocks!"

Elisabeth-Jane's Birth - After 5 painful natural births, this mom decided to try Hypnobabies.  Her 6th birth was a wonderful, enjoyable experience with a few exciting parts, including a broken down car, ambulance ride and baby arriving 11 minutes after getting to the hospital!  Long story, but very fun to read!

Abigail's Birth - 2nd birth.  Busy night at the hospital means mom spent an hour waiting in the hall to get checked, but Hypnobabies kept her calm and focused. 

Alyssa's Birth - skeptical husband didn't prevent Serena from having an unbelievably beautiful birth of her second baby at the hospital.  "The greatest compliment I received was from my mother. She, who makes labor look easy after giving birth to 9 at home 2 of which I watched and aided, she told me it was the most reverent birth she had ever witness and continues to brag to all of her friends about my amazing delivery. It truly was a peaceful experience!"

McKenna's Birth - Very healing for mom who had a previous negative birth.  Beautiful story!

Alex's Birth - fast, easy birth. 

Sierra's Birth - 4th Baby "I am so thankful for Hypnobabies in helping me have an amazing pain-
free birth.  I felt so aware and in control of everything that was happening and my nurse and midwife were definitely impressed!  I also loved listening to my scripts everyday during the pregnancy and feel it really helped me to relax and enjoy it everyday!  I will definitely tell everyone I know about it and only wish I had known about it earlier to use with my first 3 births!"

Yakira's Birth - 2nd birth, first was natural without Hypnobabies, this story shows how emotions sometimes need to be released to help birth progress. 

Macie's Birth - 5th baby, the moms first births were very painful natural births.  Hypnobabies allowed Stacie to have a manageable natural birth with Macie, SO much more comfortable! 

Lucille Isabel's Birth - 2nd time mom, a very FAST hospital birth with a midwife, good example of trusting yourself on when it is time to head to the hospital!

Skylar's Birth - While my birth was not the typical "quick, easy Hypnobabies" birthing, Hypnobabies was essential to my success. I know every woman is different and our birthing experiences will often be different. The important thing is, our bodies were made to birth babies, we capable of doing so if we can remain positive and calm.

Sarah Anne's Birth- 4th baby, pretty fast hospital birth with OB.  "the nurse actually thanked me for letting her participate in our birth"

Evin's Birth - Hospital Birth, 2nd baby, mom looses focus for a bit while pushing, but when she regains focus and let's go of her fears, she is comfortable and enjoys it!  "The nurses all asked about the CD I had playing and were so impressed. I was so grateful we chose Hypnobabies to have this baby. And I was thoroughly happy that the nurses honored our every wish on our birth plan. It was the single best hospital birthing I could have ever imagined. And other than fighting my body, (early on in pushing) the birth was remarkably pain free. The reminders to choose to use your tools are exactly right!"

Amberle's Birth - Hospital Birth with midwife.  2nd Birth. 

Caden's Birth - Hospital birth, very fast.  Mom does great, there is a few minutes when the OB said something that scared her and she lost focus, but then she regained it! 

Cienna's Birth - hospital birth with midwife. 

Cadeon's Birth - Baby was born at birth center, comfortable pain-free birth.

Bryson's Birth -  VBAC, Hypnobabies hospital birth with a doula.

Julian Daniel - Husband resistant to Hypnobabies, Hypnobabies hospital birth with midwives. 

Grace's Birth - Hospital birth with midwife

Josephine's Birth - Hypnobabies hospital birth. 

Cyrus Birth - Hospital Birth

Sofia Rose's Birth - Hypnobabies Hospital birth... started studying at 35 weeks. 

Ethan's Birth - Hypnobabies hospital birth.

Sarah Jane's Birth - Hypnobabies hospital birth.  Mom slept through most of her CD's. 

Aliya Rose's Birth - Hopsital hypnobirthing with midwives. 

Henry's Birth - Hospital birth, combo Hypnobirthing supplemented with Hypnobabies. 

Clay's Birth - After having five previous vaginal deliveries, all with epidurals and this being my last pregnancy, I wanted/needed to do everything differently.  Thank goodness I found hypnobabies........

Dean's Birth -

Maya's Birth - Great birth, small amount of discomfort 2.5 on a scale of 1-10.

Ethan's Birth - 2nd baby, hospital birth, some time spent in tub. 

Amelia's Birth - Hospital birth, 4th girl. "Hypnobabies worked wonderfully for me, even though parts were definitely uncomfortable, it gave me the tools to stay in control of my body, and make it through the rough parts. I would definitely recommend Hypnobabies to anyone wanting a natural childbirth."

First Time Mom's

Massimo's Birth - First baby, hospital birth.  "Hypnobabies definitely worked for me. I didnít feel a thing until I was quite far along AND was able to give birth to my son without drugs (and without seriously wanting any) AND had such a fast birthing time (about 6 hours in all). I also credit Hypnobabies for having such a positive impact on my pregnancy and during these post-natal weeks."

Lily Ann's Birth - Hospital, first baby, mom had doula.  "my husband and i are so thankful for this program"

Donovan's Birth - Hospital birth, first baby. "This birth was such a wonderful, intense and incredible experience and I am so thankful to the Hypnobabies program for allowing me and my husband to have a birthing experience the way God intended for women to have."

Claire's Birth - First baby, hospital birth with midwife.  "The easiest part of my birthing time was transition. Totally pain free. I know I could have done better during some parts but on the whole it was amazing how I just felt pressure! The worst part was when I got nauseous and vomited but my birthing waves stopped when that happened so I didn't have to worry about them. My husband was an awesome coach and my doula and midwifeÖamazing. Recovery was easy and everyone was impressed with Hypnobabies. Whoo hoo! (And it was fun to say "I told you I could" to everyone who doubted my ability to go natural :) )"

Elsa's Birth - Hospital birth, first baby.  "The birthing time did take an extreme amount of focus and concentration to stay in the Hypno-zone, and I did have to stay very very close to the idea that I take each wave as it came. Just be in the moment. Remind myself that this was a gift I was giving my baby. I couldn't have done it without the support of my DH, who massaged and massaged me through the entire birth, was there for me to lean on, literally and figuratively. The experience was far more blissful than I imagined, not at all scary, and just beautiful. I couldn't have scripted a better birth for our new daughter, Elsa."

Vincent's Birth - First baby, hospital birth.  "The day my son entered into this world through natural childbirth was the most exhilarating and amazing experience of my life! I am so thankful to Hypnobabies for helping me find the strength and confidence I had within myself to birth naturally and calmly."

Jozie's Birth - Great first birth, at the hospital.  Very supportive husband.  " In retrospect, I am very, very glad that I prepared for the birth as much as I did. Doing Hypnobabies helped a lot. It wasn't just listening to the scripts that helped. A whole lot of help came from reading other group members' birth stories and seeing the examples of so many women who had birthed naturally. It helped me to not be afraid."

Mina's Birth - 1st Baby.  Worried she was getting to the hospital too soon, but was 8cm on arrival!

Emberly's Birth - 1st baby.  Homebirth which went very quickly!  Basically 90 minutes from figuring out "this is it" to baby being born into her mom's arms!

Carolina Rose's Birth - First Baby.  Home birth with Hypnobabies.

Owwee's WaterBirth - First baby, waterbirth

Landace's Birth - First Baby.  Mom also slept through CD's.   Hypnobabies hospital birth with midwife. 

Avery's Birth - First baby, Hypnobabies hospital birth with midwife. 

First Born - 1st baby, Hypnobabies hospital birth

Om's Birth - 1st baby,  Hypnobabies hospital birth with midwife, long early labor

Nathan's Birth - 1st baby, Hypnobabies hospital birth, monitors not picking up birthing waves, trust your body.

Ian's Birth - First time mom, hospital birth. 

Niva's Birth 1st baby.  Hypnobabies hospital birth with midwife. 


Water Birth

Sophie's Birth - Home Water Birth, "I KNOW Hypnobabies helped me keep my cool. My doulas told me they were amazed at how well I was able to go into my zone. I never once asked for drugs, or asked them to get her out of me, or that I was done. I did say it was hard, or not very fun, or that the pressure was intense."

Issac's Birth - Water homebirth with pictures. 

Emmy's Birth Story - Hypnobabies Home Water Birth.  Beautiful easy birth.  Great Pictures

Morvyn's Birth - Home water birth.  Beautiful, peaceful birth.  Mom used HypnoBirthing book and Yahoo Group support to prepare!

Jack's Birth - 5th baby.  1st water/homebirth for this mom and first using Hypnobabies.  GBS+ and posterior baby, wonderful fast birth. 

Saulih's Birth Story - Water and home birth, 2nd baby.  "Praise be to God, we had done it. All of us, a team, mommy, baby, daddy, and support team, without drugs, wires, machines, strangers, or traumatic memories.  And the best part is I can only smile with happiness and contentment whenever I remember the blessing of my son, Saulih's, birth!"

Omar's Birth - Water and home birth after a LOT of prodromal labor, Eva finally has her baby boy!

Aspen's Birth - Water and home birth... read moms perspective.  Link to a slide show with Dads point of view of the birth too!  

Mitchell's Birth - For those of you who take Hypnobabies... this is Susan's 3rd birth.  She wrote the letter... "Choose to Use Your Hypnosis"  which is at the end of the course and sent out monthly on the Yahoo Group.  Home Water Birth. 

Sarah's Water Birth - Home water birth... midwife just made it!

Owen's Birth - Water birth, 2nd baby

Teague's Water Birth - 2nd baby.  Liz says... "I'd say Hypnobabies made a HUGE difference for me. The biggest thing it did was teach my body and mind to be in total harmony during the birth. I felt I always knew exactly what my body needed me to do in order to facilitate the birth. My first birth was an ordeal; this hypnobirth was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I'm still in awe."

Luke Michaels Birth - Wonderful waterbirth.  :)

Max Travis' Birth - Mom's Second Hypnobaby.  Birth Center and Water Birth

Miranda's Birth Story - Wonderful Waterbirth using Psalms to stay calm and comfortable!

2nd Born - Waterbirth with midwife

Sayla's Birth - Homebirth (was supposed to be a waterbirth and mom did spend some time in the tub, but baby came to fast when mom was trying to get back in tub) 

Leah's WaterBirth - Home Waterbirth... 24 hours of birthing time and under 1 min of pushing. 

Cameron's WaterBirth - Hypnobabies water birth. 

Bradley's WaterBirth - Mom didn't have time to finish all of the course before Bradley came, but the tools worked great and she had a comfortable birth!

Briana Joy's WaterBirth - Hypnobabies water homebirth, midwife on the speaker phone assisting.  :) 

Aribella's Birth - Home birth and Water birth with Doula


Home Birth

Valerie's Birth - Home Birth "Thinking back after being asked if I was in pain at anytime, I can honestly say, "No I wasn't in pain!" This was the most intense activity I have ever done and even though there might have been a TON of pressure in my hips and mild discomfort as my baby crowned, none of it *hurt* and none of it was un-manageable. I can honestly say my daughter's birth was pain-free!"

Caterina's Birth - Beautiful Hypnobabies homebirth from another mom who slept through all her CDs!  "Jackie & the MW both arrived around 8:15. The MW started setting up her things and asked if she could check me around 8:30. I was 100% and an 8! I was so worried that I would not be dilated at all or just a 2 or something. The MW later told me that she thought I was going to be about a 3 or a 4 based on how COMFORTABLE I was. Note that my MW is a HypnoBirthing instructor & she thought that I looked very comfortable!"

Emira's Birth - Homebirth "My Hypnobabies technique was so effective at keeping me in a state of calm that even my mother  who is a RN and was totally against homebirth/natural childbirth said you have convinced me if all births could be this peaceful, birth would be viewed completely differently. "

Ammon's Birth - Wonderful Homebirth

Roman's Birth - 3rd homebirth baby, but first with mom using Hypnobabies.  Kim says, "I will be
recommending Hypnobabies to everyone I know. "

Mara's Birth Story - Unexpected, but much wanted home birth.  "Mara An was born at home on August 29, 2007 at 12:15PM after only 6 hours of "labor."   It was the most amazing birth experience and was what I could have only dreamed of.  I had really wanted a homebirth from the beginning but my insurance didn't cover it and so we reluctantly planned a hospital birth.  I guess Mara knew what her mom's heart desired and decided to give it to her as a birth day present!"

Garrett's Birth - Homebirth of 5th baby.  He was 10 pounds 8 oz.  Fastest birth for this mom... no pushing, baby slid right out.  :)

Gwendolyn's Birth - 3rd Baby.  Beautiful homebirth.

Adam David's Birth - Fast birth, midwife didn't make it in time... no active pushing, family affair. 

Fayth's Birth - Hypnobabies, surprise homebirth.

Lucas' Birth - Hypnobabies unexpected unassisted homebirth.

Aidan's Birth - Home birth, emotional clearings help birth progress


Samuel John's Birth - VBAC baby, very FAST birth, mom did experience some discomfort when she realized she was in transformation and still at home and she lost focus.  But overall a wonderful birth!

Logan's Birth - VBAC hospital birth with a doula.  "When I first heard about Hypnobabies I was totally skeptical about it working.  After I saw my friendís birth video using Hypnobabies I thought it might be possible for others, but me?  After I finished with my Hypnobabies classes I knew it helped me relax but I still wasnít sure I could do it for my birth.  I was so pleasantly surprised that it did work and it worked beautifully."

Bryson's Birth - 2nd VBAC, hospital birth with doula


Taylor's Birth - Induced because of pre-eclampsia.  Positive experience.  Heather listened to her Hypnobabies CDs while falling asleep at night.  "It was very intense but I was able to stay completely relaxed and focused with the Hypnobabies techniques and my husband helped to keep me in hypnosis with the shoulder/relax cue. It was awesome!!"

Ryan's Birth - Induction for medical reasons.  Great birth! 

Induced Baby Girl - Medical indications required induction.  "I just want to let everyone know that Hypnobabies is awesome and it really works!"

Lindsay's Birth - Hollie used Hypnobababies with this birth, her 3rd.  She was skeptical, but enjoyed her practicing.  .  She was induced with pitocin and had a good unmedicated birth.  "I will say that this is the easiest and happiest recovery I've ever had. I attribute that largely to the unmedicated birth, and I attribute my ability to go without medication to Hypnobabies and my wonderful doula.  Consider this skeptic convinced. ;)"

Rowan's Birth - Mom was given pitocin and still had a great birth.

Areli's Birth - Mom was induced due to ICP and still had a great natural birth using Hypnobabies!

Emma's Birth- While this is not an "enjoyable birth" in a sense that the fact the mom was induced due to HELLP and had a lot of challenges to overcome, it is INCREDIBLY inspiring, because Hypnobabies worked and the mom was empowered to make choices and the outcome is wonderful!

Cesarean Birth

Nick's Birth - Hypnobabies -surprise breech baby at a home-birth, transferred to hospital for c-section.  I have this under enjoyable, because the mom was comfortable and I love how her baby helped her to decide what to do.  I honestly believe our babies can communicate to us, even before they are born... what better way to listen to them, than to spend time every day preparing for their birth with them!)

Everett's Birth Story - cesarean birth because he was breech and despite much trying on his moms part, he would NOT turn.  Thanks to her Hypnobabies tools, it was a great pregnancy, good birth and easy recovery

Morgan' Elizabeth's Story - New Year's Eve surprise breech birth.  Hypnobabies helped mom stay calm and happy. 

Owen's Birth - Mom had a comfortable birthing and pushing, baby was not descending and she chose to have a cesarean. 

Isla's Birth - Mom had comfortable birth while being induced and then her blood pressure suddenly shot up and she needed a cesarean.  Her Hypnobabies tools proved very useful during recovery!

Maya's Birth - Mom had comfortable birthing time while being induced.  She had a feeling awhile into it that the baby would need to be born by cesarean.  Hypnobabies helped her stay calm and focused. 





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