Sofia Rose's Birth

hypnobabies... started studying at 35 weeks

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that Sofia Rose punched in at 9:06 am last
Monday, one day before her "guess date," just as I was getting ready to
master the Zen of being overdue. Whew. We had an absolutely magical
birthing, pain free, peaceful and unmedicated.

Just before going to bed on Sunday, I confessed to my husband how afraid
I was of being induced, how I hoped against hope that I could start my
birthing time soon. He fell asleep. I listened to my "Creating
Anesthesia" CD, and started to have some pressure waves, which I kept
thinking were going to stop. So I did my practicing, and relaxed. After
an hour and a half they were 3 minutes apart, I heard a pop and was
leaking fluid, lost my mucus plug (and my hospital was 35-40 minutes
away) so I decided to wake up my husband. He tried to remain nonchalant
as we timed a few of them to report to my doctor, and they were getting
closer and closer together.

We got to the hospital around 2:30 and they confirmed my water had
broken and that I was dilated to a 4 (which was my magic number for
deciding whether to stay or go somewhere else until I was more
progressed.) As I walked up to the other unit, we had to stroll by a
woman who was ahem... shrieking. I hummed and hoped the elevator would
arrive quickly!

We got to our room and my husband found the birth ball -- it was one of
those weird ones that isn't round but has an indent in the middle. I was
pretty bummed out about that but climbed on anyway. I listened to the
Birthing Day CD, and loved the imagery of my cervix as a yellow ring,
and telling it to "open... open... open." My pressure waves stayed
relatively far apart throughout my entire birthing -- about 3 minutes,
even up and through transformation.

My husband was absolutely amazing. He helped to keep me focused, and
described my special place to me whenever I lost my focus. There were
times when the pressure was very intense, and because my waves were far
apart I started to worry that I wasn't progressing properly -- during
those times I remembered the article that was posted a couple of weeks
ago where the birthing mother described the urge to panic, and how she
held the urge up and inspected it, like she was choosing fruit at the
supermarket. This helped me remain calm, and I sang to myself a Hebrew
song my husband taught me: "The whole world is a very narrow bridge, a
very narrow bridge - but the main thing to recall is to have no fear at

I wasn't sure I'd know what the urge to push would be, as I didn't feel
it with my first daughter. The nurse and my sister assured me that I
would. I did! It was very intense, but it definitely felt like pressure,
not pain. Just pressure where you wouldn't normally feel it! I breathed
her down slowly, until we started to see her head slightly. When the
nurse called for the doctor, he ran into the room all disheveled -- he
said "I just delivered a baby next door and haven't delivered the
placenta -- do you think I have a few minutes?" I laughed and said
"sure." Well... he didn't have that much time. Pushing Sofia out just
came naturally to me, and it was almost as if I didn't have much control
over the process -- my body decided it was time, so the nurse got ready
to "catch." The doctor ran back into the room and my sister helped him
get his scrubs on. And then there was my Sofia! Red as a tomato! Eyes
wide open, looking around the room. She was, and is, a miracle, and her
birth reminds me of the amazing power women have inside them, and how
lucky I am to have learned to trust my body and my spirit. Many
blessings to you all, as you get ready for your own birthing, or as you
remember them fondly.

Mom to Hypnobabies Amelia Grace 10.20.02 and Sofia Rose 02.27.06

P.S. I used Hypnobabies, and started learning when I was at 35 weeks.