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Hypnosis for Birth


 I know first hand that it is possible to have a comfortable un-medicated birth using hypnosis. 

  • No, I don't have a high pain tolerance. 
  • No, I am not someone lucky enough to have easy labors.
  • I have been a mom yelling at the dad to "push the tennis ball on my back" due to pain during one of my births....

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 With the right tools, information and practice anyone can benefit from hypnosis for childbirth! 

When I took Doula training through DONA, it was interesting watching the Natural Childbirth videos.  Then I brought in the video of Bryson's birth.  It was a VERY different feeling, peaceful and calm and wonderful.  Natural Childbirth does not have to be painful!  What a wonderful revelation.  Enjoy your babies birth in comfort, joy and love! 

If you want to see his  birth video... click here!

My first baby Devon was an emergency c-section at 34 weeks.   I carried a lot of stress and negative feelings from my first birth and was very concerned that would carry over into my 2nd pregnancy.  Hypnosis helped me to deal with my fears and to relax and enjoy my pregnancy.    I really feel that hypnosis helped me to trust in my body to go full term and have 2 successful vaginal births.

Click here to read my birth stories using hypnosis.   

Carson- using HypnoBirthing   AND    Bryson-Using Hypnobabies

What is Hypnobabies?

A brief overview of what Hypnobabies is.

Hypnosis for Childbirth:  What is it and does it work?                                        

This is a great article by Kerry Tuschoff, the founder of Hypnobabies.  She covers how it works, benefits, options of study.

What are my options for studying Hypnosis for Childbirth?  

What are some options for studying hypnosis for childbirth.  What is better home study or a live course?  Can my birth partner be involved in a home study program?

My comparison of HypnoBirthing and Hypnobabies                               

I have used both programs and here is my comparison of the two. 

How can You take Hypnobabies?

Where can you take Hypnobabies?  What if there isn't an instructor in your area?

Does using Hypnobabies help you have a Calmer Baby? - Hypnobabies moms chime in with their answers.

Why is this better than just getting an Epidural? - a great explanation from a mom that has had 2 epidurals and 2 Hypnobabies

Using Hypnosis for other pregnancy related issues - Mom's have used hypnosis for turning breech babies, helping with pre-term labor, help with starting labor.  Here are some ways it can help you!

E-mail support group for mom's interested in hypnosis and childbirth.  PLEASE - be sure after you apply that you then send an Introduction to the group coordinator.  You should get an e-mail requesting this after you join.  You will not be admitted unless you send the introduction. 

Hypnosis Birth Stories

Hypnobabies Website

Hypnobabies Blog


Hypnobabies Home Study now available on Amazon! 

Hypnobabies Moms


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