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Welcome to Pregnant Moms Everywhere! 

On this website you can find information about important topics for expectant and new parents. 

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 My favorite part of the website is the Birth Stories I have collected from Hypnobabies Moms!  They really show how powerful and beneficial hypnosis can be for childbirth.  Read just a few and you will be inspired! 

 I have gathered most of them from the yahoo group for moms interested in Hypnosis and childbirth.  If you are expecting and are interested in learning more and connecting with other expecting moms using hypnosis, please join us!  Make sure you send the introduction that is requested. (You may have to check your spam folder to find it)  You won't be approved unless you send an introduction.

I also love to share Bryson's Birth Video, it shows how beautifully Hypnobabies can work.  His birth is what inspired me to start this site!


You can see many more videos on the Birth Video Page.   


Click on the right (the picture of my belly) to see a video show I created to welcome Bryson into our family.  

The song in the video Before I knew your name.  by, Joel Lindsay.



This song and the wonderful pictures inspired me to make the video. 

I hope you enjoy!
Special thanks to Brenda and Tara for the Awesome pictures!

You can click here to see Tara's website.


This website is a work in progress as I am a busy mom with 3 boys. 

I am very faithful about adding new birth stories as they come in! (now these are being added at the Hypnobabies Blog)

Click here to contact me...  if you have questions, ideas or would like to add your birth story!

Visit my Orange County, CA site at EnjoyBirth for information and support for Orange County moms.



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