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Induction Birth Stories


Newest Induction stories being added at the Hypnobabies Blog!

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Taylor's Birth - Induction for pre-eclampsia.  Positive experience.  Heather listened to her Hypnobabies CDs while falling asleep at night.  "It was very intense but I was able to stay completely relaxed and focused with the Hypnobabies techniques and my husband helped to keep me in hypnosis with the shoulder/relax cue. It was awesome!!"

Ryan's Birth - Induction for medical reasons.  Great birth! 

Induced Baby Girl - Medical indications required induction.  "I just want to let everyone know that Hypnobabies is awesome and it really works!"

Hannah's Birth - Induced at 39 weeks due to "small baby" Mom chooses to get epidural.  "Later the same day I told my husband that I would do it again if we were blessed with another opportunity. I really feel that my doing the hypnosis in the beginning helped to set the tone and allowed my body to prepare for the birth as best as it could so that when I got the epidural my body was able to progress. I also think it helped me focus throughout the entire experience and proved quite effective. I would do it all over again without changing anything. "

Lindsay's Birth - Hollie used Hypnobababies with this birth, her 3rd.  She was skeptical, but enjoyed her practicing.  .  She was induced with pitocin and had a good unmedicated birth.  "I will say that this is the easiest and happiest recovery I've ever had. I attribute that largely to the unmedicated birth, and I attribute my ability to go without medication to Hypnobabies and my wonderful doula.  Consider this skeptic convinced. ;)"

Rowan's Birth - Mom was induced with pitocin and still had a great birth.

Areli's Birth - Mom was induced due to ICP and still had a great natural birth using Hypnobabies!

Emma's Birth- While this is not an "enjoyable birth" in a sense that the fact the mom was induced due to HELLP and had a lot of challenges to overcome, it is INCREDIBLY inspiring, because Hypnobabies worked and the mom was empowered to make choices and the outcome is wonderful!

Samuel's Birth - Mom was induced because of pre-eclampsia.  The baby turned traverse during her birthing time, mom listened to Special Place CD and encouraged baby to turn and he did!

Lynette's Baby Arrives - some pitocin, OB has to hold bladder to help baby descend (this is the only discomfort)

Lauren's Birth and Claire's Birth Lauren was Hypnobirthing with Pitocin - great part about why Doula's can really save the day.  Claire was a  Hypnobabies birth

Seamus' Birth - induction with pitocin

Avariella's Birth - I experienced some pain between 5 and 8 cm, when I wasn't focused or using my Hypnobabies. That's not a coincidence. I did have to have Pitocin, and I did accept a small episiotomy. But I absolutely can't imagine where I would've ended up if it weren't for Hypnobabies.

William Thomas's Birth - VBAC, pitocin induction comfortable until transformation and mom thought she had a long time left, baby was born 30 min later!

Una's Birth - VBAC, pitocin used after SROM

Anya's Birth - 1st baby, induced, overall a positive experience, due to fatigue mom opted for an epidural towards the end, but it was a good choice for her. 

Sawyer William's Birth - AROM and pitocin, mom was comfortable until she needed to lay on her side because of Sawyer's heartrate... choose an epidural and his posterior positioning required forceps delivery.  "The most important thing I learned was that hypnosis really works!  The last time I had pitocin I was reduced to tears within 45 minutes. This time, I was on pitocin in complete comfort for 7 hours, and could have gone on indefinitely if I could have continued to labor in an upright position. Sawyer is our fifth and likely last baby, but if I get brave enough to have a number six, I will definitely use Hypnobabies again."

Cora Fay's Birth Pitocin induced birth, epidural due to old pelvis/hip issue.  Includes great advice at the end.

Helen's Birth - Posterior baby, PROM, used pitocin a few times.  Hypnobabies did help mom!  "And I give a huge shout out to Hypnobabies because I never could have done this without it. And I can almost guarantee that had I had an epidural, her birth would have ended as a c-section because I would not have been able to effectively push her out if I'd been numb. The midwife told me that the doctors had said I would never have this baby vaginally. I showed them!"

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