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International Shipping


Hi Gals,


Regarding International shipping (outside of the US and Canada):


Our shipper is UPS so we have our online shopping cart connected to UPS software, and since they are a private company they can and do change exorbitant rates to ship outside of the US and Canada.  We know that there are many International moms out there who would like to order from Hypnobabies but cannot do so due to these high shipping rates.


We are hoping to have some of our materials available for MP3 download, (not all of them) sometime soon, but in the meantime, we offer a shipping option for International customers *only*. We can ship USPS Priority or Express International, both of which are usually about *1/3* the cost of UPS, and refund you the shipping difference. There is a $5.00 special order fee added to the shipping charges, but the final amount will still be about 1/3 of what UPS charges. We do this all the time for our International customers, and it is worth the time and effort to help more moms enjoy their birth! (We have to use a manual shipping system for USPS, and have the packages taken directly to the post office, etc.)


How to do this:

International customers, *(only)*if you would like to ship this way, please *place your order on our website* and in the *Comments* section, (where you place your name and due date) state: "Please ship USPS_________(choose a service, Priority or Express)"


We will ship as directed, and refund the difference in shipping rates to your credit card. You will be notified when the credit is returned to your credit card, as well as when your package is shipped, and will receive a tracking # from USPS by e-mail.


Please do not request this for any orders inside the US or Canada. We do *not* provide this special order service for anyone whose shipping address is inside of the US or Canada. Period.


Of course you can also call us at your expense and place a telephone order with a credit card. M-Th,  9-5 Pacific Time, 714-952-2229.