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Horrible Pregnancy Rash

If you have a horrible pregnancy rash... I am SOO sorry. 

I had PUPPS during my 3rd pregnancy, it really sucks!  Most people have NO idea how stressful and challenging dealing with this is.  I am hear to let you know, you are not alone!

At the bottom of this page you can read my experience with it.

Check out Survive PUPPS for more information. 


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I am so excited to announce that my e-book, Toolkit to Survive and Beat PUPPS is ready to help moms suffering with PUPPS!

Here is my personal story….

Aug 30th  -- Saw Dr. Kaminskas today. She said I need to go to the dermatologist for my rash. I asked to start non-stress tests and she seemed to feel that unnecessary, but I pushed for it and got the referral. I went out and bought a bunch of different over the counter things for my rash last night. Really getting uncomfortable and very disappointed Dr. K didn't seem to want to help with it.

Aug 31st -- Showers seem to help. Took 2 today, but the second one when I washed my stomach with the Pine Tar soap it started STINGING, it was horrible. My stomach feels like sandpaper and it burns.    I have my foothill ranch book club here tonight. Had to call Louise and ask for her to bring snacks. I am unable to do anything but the basics. Wearing clothes is horrible.

Sept 1st -- I am a mess. Apparently the rash on my stomach is pregnancy related.... not much you can do about it. The rash on my legs no one knows what it is. My OB sent me to my PCP. He wasn't sure and I am now waiting for a referral for the dermatologist. The worst part is the rash on my stomach is starting to move down to my thighs... my skin on my stomach feels like it is burning. I am so scared now that the rash on my legs which goes about halfway up my thighs is going to meet with the one coming down. I also have rash on my arm and can't tell if it is the same as what is on my stomach or if it will end up more like the one on my legs.

Anyway I spend as much of the day in my pj's and dread getting dressed for leaving the house.

I can't imagine spending up to 8 more weeks like this!!!! That will be if I go to 42 weeks like I did with Carson.

Have Aliso Creek Book Club tonight. Wore clothes through part of it and then changed into pajamas. The girls didn't care. I love them all.

Sept 2nd -  I must start by saying I normally love my OB... I recommend her to everyone. So I was disappointed Tuesday when she just told me to go see a dermatologist and kind of ignored my rash. I will say it has gotten worse since then. I also asked to start non-stress tests because I am 34 weeks and that is when Devon was born emergency c-section because of stress. She said I didn't really need it, but for maternal anxiety she would order it. With Carson it was very reassuring to me, so I want that again.

So after going to my Primary Care Dr., he didn't know what the rash was... so I was waiting for dermatologist referral... which I am still waiting for....Things have been getting more unbearable. Last night I slept for 2 hours was up for 3 and slept for 2 more. I had been able to fall back asleep with my hypnosis CD's but the last 24 hours my rash had gotten so inflamed that I wasn't able to relax even with the hypnosis. It was very frustrating!

Last night Andrew came over and helped Rob give me a blessing.  I am going to go crazy if I don’t get some relief!

Today was my first non-stress test and I almost didn't go because it would require me putting clothes on, using gas and I knew the baby was fine because he has been very active today. But thank goodness I did go. I was almost in tears by the time I got there because my pants were making my stomach burn... I was SOOOO uncomfortable.

The nurse sat me down and when she saw my stomach she immediately stopped went and got another nurse and then they went together and got the OB. He is the high-risk OB who does the ultrasounds and delivers multiples and such. I met him at our 20 week ultrasound. He said it is PUPPS and a very extreme case. The nurse didn't think it was PUPPS at first because it is so widespread across my stomach, she had never seen a case that bad.

They were all shocked I was only 34 weeks and you could tell they felt bad I have so much time left. Well the OB got on the phone with my normal OB and said this is what she needs and she said ok and he wrote me out 2 prescriptions. I wanted to hug all of them. Someone finally listened and CARED. Honestly I don't know how much the medicine will help, hopefully enough to let me sleep. But just having people in the medical community take it seriously meant so much. I thought maybe I was overreacting or being a big wimp... but apparently I have a pretty severe case. If what they have given me doesn't help by my Tuesday appointment then he will talk to me about taking steroids. Which I don't want to do, but if it gets worse instead of maintaining where I am or getting better, I might be willing to think about it.

Please pray and send positive thoughts that what he prescribed me will help. Even if I could just sleep a little better that would be a great improvement. Also the rash has started going up to my breasts and that REALLY scares me. I can't imagine breastfeeding with this rash. Sometimes it takes awhile for it to disappear after delivery. So if it will stay contained to my stomach and arms and legs that is manageable.

Anyway, thanks for reading my long rambling messages the last few days about my rash. I feel like maybe there is a light (other than giving birth) at the end of the tunnel now!

Sept. 3rd -- I am happy to say the medicine seems to be helping a lot! Most importantly I was able to sleep. I was a little foggy today because of the medicine, but tonight I will just take one pill before bed... yesterday I took a pill at 5 as soon as I got it and then one at 11 when I woke up, the directions say take every 6 hours as needed. I think with the cream, which also has helped I should be fine with 1 pill at night. My stomach still looks awful and is uncomfortable, but completely bearable, the rest of me, my arms and legs feel SO much better.

Sept 8th --  My legs are clearing up.  I only have rash on stomach now and it is fading.  The nurse on Tues said it still looks pink to her.  I think it looks great.  Who cares what it looks like, I don't have the need to scratch myself all day.  The Dr. prescribed me Atarax 25 mg, which I take one at night, helps me sleep and not itch, going to try half a pill tonight.  The cream he prescribed me is Fluocinonide Cream .05%.  I am not sure what helped more, but I smeared myself pretty good with that cream for a few days.  I am now down to just 2 times a day on my stomach.  I started at 4 times a day. 

Honestly, I don't think I could have survived as many weeks as I have left at the uncomfortable state I was in.  Today I maybe still do itch a bit, but I can deal with THIS for 7 more weeks if need be.  People ask how I am feeling and I have to say GREAT, because compared to how I was... this is GREAT.  Who cares if I waddle around looking huge, who cares I can barely get off the couch by myself, who cares that I pee almost every hour.  I am NOT itching to distraction.  Life is good.

That any Dr. would tell their patients to just deal with it, makes me so mad.  When there are options, which maybe wouldn't help them... but they did help me!

Oct. 12th ---  My rash is gone.  My stomach is clear and no more itching… even at night.  If I wear something tight on my stomach, it does irritate it, so I am mostly in dresses or overalls.  Well honestly when I am home, I am in pj’s.  But it keeps me itch free, so I can’t complain.  I no longer use the Atarax or the steroid cream.  Just tea tree lotion and my pupps soap on my stomach.  Just to keep it away.  I feel so blessed that this has cleared up.  While I am anxious for the baby to come, I am so happy to feel so good.