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Baby Stay In and Come Out Baby CD information



Are you having Pre-term Labor? 


The Baby Stay In track by Hypnobabies is a great tool for helping.  I had PTL requiring bedrest with my first 2 boys.  With Bryson I listened to the Baby, Stay In! Cd for Pre-term Labor  whenever I started having contractions, drank a lot and took it easy.  It seemed to help slow things down and I was able to avoid bedrest this time.  In fact, Bryson came at 41.5 weeks.  :) 


Baby Stay in CD  is now available for MP3 download from the Hypnobabies site!  Horray Click here to visit the Hypnobabies MP3 page.



Are you ready for Baby to Come Out?


I carried my 2nd baby to 42 weeks and really didn't want to do that again.  I started listening to the Come Out, Baby Cd, to Help Labor Begin  at 40 weeks.  I really enjoyed it, the script is very peaceful and acknowledges the baby and his role in choosing when to be born.  I was thrilled when Bryson was born at 41.5 weeks.  I don't know if the script is what helped him come a little sooner, but I do know it helped me stay more patient! 


The Come Out Baby CD is now available for download from the Hypnobabies site!  Horray!   Click here to visit the Hypnobabies MP3 page.


Also you may want to try Acupressure.  This can help a birthing time start, if your body is ready.  Click here for more information.