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VBAC Birth Stories


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Newest VBAC stories being added at the Hypnobabies Blog!

Kannon's Birth - Home Birth VBAC after 2 cesareans.  Comfortable using Hypnobabies!

Claire's Birth - Hospital birth, VBAC.

Jacob's Birth - Hospital VBAC, "I will admit I was a bit of a slacker during my practice of Hypnobabies as well. I listened to my scripts at night and did good at that part, but didn't practice my fingerdrops nearly as much as recommended. When the time came, I didn't even consciously put myself into hypnosis. But, it worked for me! We're pretty sure our family is complete now, but if we were to have another baby, I'd totally use Hypnobabies again!"

Noah's Birth - Hospital birth with midwife.   "I am really grateful for Hypnobabies. Although, I did experience a lot of pain the program helped me in the beginning parts of my birthing time and when things were not going planned I still had a positive feeling that everything would turn out fine."

Jillene's Birth Lovely Birth - Hospital

Aidan Michael's Birth - VBA3C (vaginal birth after 3 cesareans) Mom didn't use Hypnobabies, but actually found herself in a hypnotic state during part of the birth.  Here is a link to a great video photo montage of Teresa's journey to Aidan's Birth... very inspirational!

Noah's Birth - Linked to a blog by a VBAC mom who used Hypnobabies! Wonderful healing birth!

Macy's Birth - VBAC with mom using Hypnobabies at Hospital. 

Jake's Birth - Mom had a fast easy comfortable birthing time using Hypnobabies with her VBAC. 

Gianna's Birth: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Pelvis.  Positive VBAC at a hospital.  Supportive Care Providers help Dana have the birth she wanted!

Jen's HBAC story:  Jen has a great VBAC website.   I was lucky enough to meet her IRL a month or so before her VBAC and it was so great to meet her.  I "knew" her from the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group and was always so impressed with her VBAC knowledge and willingness to share!  Here is her wonderful story.

Gwendolyn's Birth - VBAC. Mom was comfortable until car ride to hospital.  "This was truly the greatest experience of my life and I am soo happy that I had the chance to experience a normal birth- even happier that I got to experience it without drugs. The Hypnobabies program got me through my whole high risk pregnancy and helped me keep my BP under control, It got me all the way through my birthing time until transition in the car... They really aren't kidding when they tell you your birthing time will be easier & faster! So even though there was quite a bit of pain involved at the end I'm glad that I used Hypnobabies and I will use it again for my next baby."

Marlie's Birth - VBAC.  Mom was comfortable until she went from 5cm to holding the baby in her arms in 45 minutes with the first 20 of those minutes the nurse bugging her with forms. 

Micah's Birth - VBAC, very healing birth.  "One of the most wonderful things Hypnobabies did, we make the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy, so much happier and more peaceful.  I went from being terrified of birth, to being actually excited, and so confident."

Logan's Birth - VBAC hospital birth with a doula.  "When I first heard about Hypnobabies I was totally skeptical about it working.  After I saw my friendís birth video using Hypnobabies I thought it might be possible for others, but me?  After I finished with my Hypnobabies classes I knew it helped me relax but I still wasnít sure I could do it for my birth.  I was so pleasantly surprised that it did work and it worked beautifully."

Samuel John's Birth - VBAC baby, very FAST birth, mom did experience some discomfort when she realized she was in transformation and still at home and she lost focus.  But overall a wonderful birth!

Raphael's Birth - VBAC, comfortable when listening to her body, a bit of discomfort when trying what others suggest.  Slept through 3-9 cm.  :) 

William Thomas's Birth - VBAC, pitocin induction comfortable until transformation and mom thought she had a long time left, baby was born 30 min later!

Una's Birth - VBAC, pitocin used after SROM, used Hypnobabies

Sophia's Birth -  painfree until arrived at the hospital, then there were a lot of distractions and mom couldn't hear the CD's, but she was still glad she used Hypnobabies, it was a very healing birth for her. 

Maeve's Birth - Hospital with a doula, used HypnoBirthing.

Donovan's VBA2C - hospital birth.... long prodromal labor. 

Brighton's Birth VBA2C - Homebirth, victorious, lovely birth!

My VBAC Birth Stories

Carson's HypnoBirthing Birth - comfortable for the first 15 hours even with Pitocin, then I lost focus and ended up with an epidural.

Bryson's Hypnobabies Birth -  VBAC, Hypnobabies hospital birth with a doula.

Positive VBAC stories with moms who did NOT use hypnosis... 

Olivia's Birth - Hospital VBAC, mom leaves home at 10 and baby born at hospital at 10:16.

Sirianna's Birth Story - VBA2C.  Arrives at hospital ready to push. 

Nathan's Birth - Home VBAC. 

Gavin's Birth - Home VBA2C, mom well supported by midwives, family and friends has a healing birth. 

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